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Qingdao BQ Rubber Co., Ltd., located in Qingdao, a coastal city with pleasant scenery, is a professional manufacturer engaged in products R&D, design and manufacturing, and business service in rubber industry. Taking environmental factors on products into full consideration, the conveyor belt is elaborately designed and scientifically formulated, so that it can operate in a variety of complex environment to meet the needs of customers for material transportation in special industrial and mining environment.

High quality products, perfect service and strong technical support have gained widespread praise for the enterprise. More and more domestic and foreign customers select our BAIQI® conveyor belt.


Technical background
Advanced Rubber compounding technology

Advanced rubber mixing technology

Rubber mixing technology is the most basic technology for the performance control of conveyor belt products. Advanced rubber mixing technology is the basic guarantee for developing high-performance conveyor belt products. The R&D Center of Qingdao BQ Rubber Co., Ltd. has a team of rich experienced engineers in China specializing in rubber mixing technology. It provides strong technical support for conveyor belt products.

Experienced bulk handling & conveyor technology background

Rich experience in materials transportation technology

The materials transportation engineers in R&D Center are especially responsible for collecting transportation system information to help accurately understand the requirements of customers’ materials transportation. Application engineers and R&D engineers provide the most powerful service and support for the customers.

High performance Adhesion technology

High-performance adhesive technology

The conveyor belt joint is the first step of conveyor belt installation and application. The successful and effective joint demands adhesive technology of high level to ensure the firm bounding between the rubber and skeleton materials. The unique high-performance adhesive technology and joint design technology guarantee the success and firmness of conveyor belt joint. Adhesive technology of high level also ensures the good performance and durability of our conveyor belt.

High performance Adhesion technology

Reliable structure design and analysis technology

The skeleton materials such as steel wire rope and cloth layer are the tensile layer of conveyor belt. The selection of skeleton materials is very important: 1. Select the most suitable steel wire rope or cloth layer; 2. Skeleton materials need to be firmly bounded with the upper and lower cover rubber and the belt rubber also needs to be firmly bounded.
We carefully select the required steel wire rope or cloth layer from the qualified supplier. We also check and test the properties and structure of skeleton materials before application. Testing Center has a variety of testing equipments. These testing equipments ensure that we can carry out the effective design analysis and testing of conveyor belt structure.