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Main products:NN conveyor belt, EP conveyor belt, the conveyor belt with corrugated folds, patterned conveyor belt, bucket elevator conveyor belt, filter conveyor belt, shot blasting machine belt, steel-cord conveyor belt, steel cable conveyor belt, rubber dam, special tape, rubber sheet, rubber specially-shaped parts and other products.

Main information about conveyor belt products:

Width of the belt:300mm~6000mm

Thickness of the belt: 4mm~40mm

Strength of steel wire rope core conveyor belt:630N/mm~ 10000N/mm

Types of fabric core:EP,EE,NN,MONO,SW, CFW,poly-aramid


Application scope:suitable for conveying materials in industry, mining, coal, cement, steel, power plant, port, agriculture, construction and other fields

Trade mark:BAIQI BELT®